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More than 200 million occupational accidents occur each year around the world and at the same time approximately same number of occupational diseases occur. Occupational accidents are also increasing in our country. Occupational diseases cannot be recognized correctly in time. Financial losses are expressed in billion dollars. From past to present, methods developed by units or persons who are in charge of OHS in different countries are being used in the workplaces. Despite all these efforts, why can't work accidents and occupational diseases be prevented?

The methods you apply;

As Prudens, we know the answer to this question and say; "If you don't know what's going to happen , you can't decide what to do."

We are proud to present Prudens, which we developed as a universal software with artificial intelligence infrastructure. Our software, which we have developed as a result of long studies and tests with our expert team, enables you to know what will happen in your workplace. In fact, it goes so far that it tells you almost exactly what an employee is likely to suffer from occupational accidents and which occupational diseases.

Legislation complied with Prudens OHS software

Our software, which we have created with great care, has been designed in compliance with national and international OHS regulations.

  • Complies with The Republic of Turkey OHS legislation,
  • Complies with international regulations,
  • Complies with 89/391/EEC-OSH "Framework Directive",
  • Complies with ISO 45001,
  • Complies with USA OSHA,