Scope of the software

Our software basically covers the following subjects;

  • Complies with ethical rules and deontology,
  • Integrated with IBMS and compatible with e-Prescription,
  • Define the management organization in the workplace. Duties, authorities and responsibilities are determined on the basis of title,
  • Employee information is determined on the basis of title,
  • Workplaces to determine the appropriateness of the OHS legal perspective, the risk assessment for non-compliance and preventive and remedial work to be done - monitoring,
  • Conscious use of chemicals and management in ILO ICSC format,
  • Processing and management of machine / hardware information,
  • Ergonomic suitability and materials management,
  • OHS Board meetings and meeting management,
  • Environmental measurements and management of biological factors,
  • Events, notifications and precautionary recommendations,
  • Sources of danger and precautions,
  • To be able to determine the possible risks in the workplace completely and accurately and to determine the necessary measures,
  • Risk assessment with our original methods,
  • Entry and use of Unlimited Risk Assessment Method by the user,
  • Pre-implementation risk assessments, preparation of work permits, work / risk analysis, work accident investigation and emergency planning,
  • Processes, instructions and document management,
  • Personal protective equipment management,
  • To provide the highest quality service without deviating from scientific,
  • To be able to determine the necessity of education in advance and to make a healthy planning,
  • Occupational accident and legal compliance assessment statistics,
  • Health applications
    • Determination of personal compliance,
    • Determination of health restrictions,
    • Determination of health examinations to be performed on the basis of title and person,
    • Carrying out appropriate Job Inspections,
    • Performing periodical health examinations suitable for the purpose,
    • Determination of occupational pathologies,
    • Calculation of hearing loss,
    • Daily visits, e-prescription compliance (Smart prescription),
    • Vaccines and monitoring,
    • Health statistics,
    • Reporting.

Software features

Our software basically consists of the following features;

  • Prudens risk prioritization matrix,
  • Prudens emergency prioritization matrix,
  • Business - Risk Analysis
    • Employee participation is ensured,
    • All works are clearly defined,
    • All business risks are clearly identified,
    • Critical works are determined clearly,
    • The jobs that require work permit are clearly defined,
    • Jobs requiring certificate are clearly identified,
    • Works requiring instructions are clearly defined,
    • Apart from compulsory trainings, special trainings are clearly defined,
  • Title - Job Description
    • Title, department, work place, whether it is critical work, equipment used and job descriptions,
    • The work done, the static positions of the personnel's body while working, the working environment and exposure information,
    • Where are the risks of possible work accidents, damages that may occur in sudden loss of control, occupational disease risks, health examinations to be performed during and after employment, health requirements and restrictions, trainings to be used and PPE to be used .

Standard data used by the software

The ready/standard data used by our software covers the following subjects;

  • Information on the chemical agents in the ILO Occupational Diseases recommendation list is presented in ICSC (International Chemical Safety Cards) format. Ready information is available for 868 chemicals in Table A of the National Occupational Diseases. Provides recommendations for investigations in order to monitor the exposure effects of a large number of chemicals on the list,
  • Standard occupational codes (International Standard Classification of Occupations 2008 "ISCO-08"),
  • ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases),
  • PPE list,
  • VQA trainings,
  • Analysis and investigations to be done;
  • NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) codes,
  • Conducts compliance audits with more than 6000 smart questions that are 100% compliant with legislation and universal OHS principles. The users can also add as many questions as they want.